An absurdist, psychedelic crime fantasy / graphic
novella from an acclaimed artist and printmaker.
The Astounding Magnus has been hypnotizing audiences at the Feedbag
cocktail bar with his resplendent dancing dog act, Salome, and
her "Serpentine Dance of the Seven Veils." Yet despite his success, the
pearl of life has lost its luster for Magnus. He visits the psychologist, Dr.
Silkini, who promises to massage Magnus's id into a higher dimension:
the pearly gates of full life satisfaction. Meanwhile, Salome's
crowd-pleasing performances have attracted unwanted attention
from sinister forces who want to know the dog's secret.
Daria Tessler's new graphic novella, Salome's Last Dance, showcases
her phenomenal talent for incorporating elements of collage
and pen-and-ink illustration to create a beautifully phantasmagoric
experience under the guise of an absurdist, psychedelic fantasy
(including an extended visual tour de force depicting a hallucinogenic
tea trip), one that favorably compares to Yellow Submarine or
the comics of Jim Woodring. Tessler's rich ear for language and sharp sense of humor
also liven every inventively stunning page of Salome's Last Dance.
Born in Finland, Daria Tessler is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Portland,
OR. Her books include Cult of the Ibis, Loop of the Sun, and Music of Changes. She
also creates silkscreen prints, stationary, and more that can be found on her website

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