EXCITING COMICS #36 (C: 0-0-1)

EXCITING COMICS #36 (C: 0-0-1)

Dominion Jack" (Jack Briglio, Dominic Bercier): Don't know Ottawa's greatest champion?  Then you don't know (Dominion) Jack!
Possessing the power of the people, Dominion Jack is able to tap into the skills and strengths of anyone around him to protect & defend his country.  Fighting for justice and living up to others' ideals isn't easy, a point driven home by  a mysterious phone call and these three words - "Jack? I'm alive."  Who is back from the dead, forcing Dominion Jack to confront his past and tragic origin?   "The Alternate: Frequency" (Jeff Winstead, Alex Greychuck, Daniel Gete: Mettle fights alone!  But what chance does he have against an opponent who easily defeated Metalman, Mettle's substantially more powerful double?

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